as a software engineer, i value the fact that i have quick, long hands. but, when one of them breaks, it pretty much slows everything down to a crawl. coding is pretty slow now. typing up this article is tedious. and, i have about 4 to 6 more weeks of being effectively one-handed.

i had a great run this morning. i was feeling good after a week of being sick, and not being able to swim or run. i was cruising into work on my bike--outfitted with new, street-appropriate tires. i took a turn on some wet grass that i've done hundreds of times, and wiped out. it was a pretty mild fall since i was still going uphill on soft grass. but, i heard a very distinct "pop" from my left hand, and it hurt to squeeze anything.

i went in to get some x-rays, and, lo: the first bone i've ever broken. spiral fracture of my ring finger's metacarpal.

now, i have to see about running with an extra pound or two of cast for two hours next weekend.