My Car Hole

This probably won't be the last time I post stuff about my car hole, but this is my latest project I finished last night. Yeah, no one probably cares to see pictures of stuff I built, but I'm pretty proud of it.

The first picture is a set of large storage shelves I built to clean up the garage. They're six foot tall, 30 inches deep, and 16 feet long in total. As you can see from my poor-man's bracing, I built them to hold a couple thousand pounds. I was bored, so I used the miter saw to cut 45-degree edges in the tops vertical supports... makes 'em look fancy, I think.

The second and third pictures show what I did with the scraps. I wanted a little separate storage for tools and parts, and a decent surface for working on small things. I'm particularly proud of the built-in tube fluorescent lamp above the workspace (under the first shelf) and the electrical sockets in easy-to-reach places. The upper socket is wired into a switch for an easy cut-off, or I can leave my cheap soldering iron plugged in. I screwed three 2x2s horizontally into the wall studs. The rear frames of the shelves and bench are screwed into the 2x2s, so the thing is rock-solid.

The bench is seven feet tall, four feet wide, and about 30 inches deep.