This is a completely uninteresting story unless you're me...

Some time around 1999, I started working for an ISP in Rapid City, SD called E-Net (they are now out of business). As a part of my self-education to learn about IP networks, servers, and the web, I registered a catch-all domain name for myself ( I wanted, but it was taken. I was even in contact with the guy (an amateur photographer, IIRC) who owned the domain. Every two years or so, I would check the WHOIS database to see if he still had it. This year, I checked, and it was no longer owned by anyone! Yay!

My current push with this site is to help me improve my QA testing of my ongoing CMS project. By making myself a regular user, I hope to improve its UI. Just so you're warned, I may be discussing my CMS on this site. I'm not sure when it will be available for general use, but I hope to eventually release it onto the tubes with a very friendly open source license.

But, that's not all! I always have a half-dozen projects in progress in many different fields of science, engineering, and software. Maybe documenting and journal-ing here will help me with some of my follow through on those projects. And, if someone else out there gets to learn something new, or even help me learn something new, then that's cool, too.