The spring has been busy so far, so here are a couple quick updates while I have a few minutes...

First, I'm kinda proud of the epic Firefox persona I put together:


It's the Victorinox Super Tinker; the tool I've carried nearly every day for the last 14 years.

Speaking of tools, I'm in the initial planning stages of designing and building my own CNC milling machine. The goal is to mill my own printed circuit boards and small parts for other projects. I'm still researching a few of the mechanical details, but I'm hopeful I will be able to get this project off the ground, and document it online.

I also just completed a very early version of a data plotting plugin for Blender 3D.

Finally, I've started looking for a new job. The media industry (and, hopefully, web development) is behind me. Web stuff was only supposed to help pay for college, anyway. If anyone out there happens to be looking for a computer engineer with a solid background in electrical engineering, and has a lot of academic experience with embedded systems, let me know! Here's my resume, for those who might be really interested. I try to keep my profile pages on Google and LinkedIn updated, as well.