Console 01

That didn't last long. After some thought, it's clear that separating each axis onto their own panel will be a lot easier to implement.

Each axis panel will look the same except for a big label. The axis panels will include:
- LCD numerical display for position
- "+" and "-" buttons for manual positioning
- "zero" button for manual homing/calibration
- "+ drive" and "- drive" LEDs for current motor operation
- Feedback LEDs for + limit, - limit, and home sensor

Also, I pulled out a ruler and discovered that my console was going to be enormous. So, I sized everything down and standardized the panels. The entire console is now approximately 18" wide, 18" deep, and 7" tall. The smallest panel is 8" wide by 3" tall including the mounting area. This leaves 6.5" of usable panel space between the rails. The smallest panel is mounted by two machine screws on its center. This allows plenty of clearance at the corners, and a modular way to make any panel size in increments of 3".

The panels can all be built using the mill itself!